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Removing Pinstripe


Just a Lobster Minion
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Just wondering how I could remove the pinstripe from the side and hood from my 96 XJ. The stripe is all faded and cracked while the rest of the paint on my black jeep looks nice. Plus it also has the red stripe along the bottom and I think the two stripes make it look weird. Thanks

Go wheeling and aim for a sharp rock :) :)

On a serious note.. if it's a stick on stripe, go to an auto store and ask for some sticker remover... I have seen various ones used to remove old stickers and they seemed to have work pretty good.

Heat the plastic pinstriping up with a hairdryer and it should come right off. May need to do some scraping with a plastic putty knife or spatula, etc.
the eastwood company sells an attatchment for your drill .. a small round disk made or rubber like a pencil eraser... i used one a few years ago and it worked great.. the friction surface breaks down before it gets hot enough to burn the paint.... pretty slick i think.. a good buffing and you really had to look to see the fade lines...
Just be cautious with single stage paint. The eraser wheel will remove the paint as well. I have done many that way. lol (wait that is not so funny). With the 96 you should be ok. unless it is white then im not sure, Most Auto companies use single stage for there whites. My 01 is White base/clear but I'm not sure when they made the change. My friends 91 is white single stage so somewhere in between.