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remove antenna


NAXJA Forum User
i am trying to remove my antenna out of my right front fender to take the fender off but i cannot see a way to take it out of it. any suggestions? i have an 01
You do have to go from underneath if you want to take the whole thing apart. The mast was (or atleast on mine) glued down with loctite before I purchased it, and a while back I was going to take mine off just to clean it really good and I ended up snapping the mast, radio reception went from poor to none for about a week....lol. $12 and a couple trips down to the dealer later, and I've got a new one.

Only problem on mine was when it snapped, the bottom part stayed in (b/c of the loctite) so when I got the new one I had to cross drill and make some new threads in order to get the new one in. So bottom line, go from underneath, it's a whole lot easier. I shoulda just taken the whole thing apart....but as usual I did it the hard way...lol.
I just have to take the entire thing out because im installing fiberglass fenders and am going to install the antenna in the new fenders.