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Remote starter

a buddy of mine did it to a 5-speed mitsubishi eclipse

apparantely there is some sort of switch/sensor that needs (SHOULD) be installed so it wont start in gear

i know some cars (i dont think jeeps) have a safety-type device that wont let u start the car unless your foot in on the clutch (always a good habit!!!)
however, i also believe there is some sort of overide for this, for the remote starters
but again, i dont think this applys to cherokees
just put one in my wife's 5 speed, it's kind of a PITA cuz you have to take it out of gear, set the parking brake, hit the brake pedal, shut the key off (which the Jeep is still running), open the door, close the door (the Jeep turns off) and it's ready to start via remote. All of which is good cuz it won't 'arm' it's self unless you do this and you can't get out of the Jeep with it in gear cuz it's armed and running when you exit.

I love the remote starts, I have one on my Burb as well, when/if you have one installed make sure they set it to run for the longer time frame, mine is set for 15 minutes and that's not enough time to warm it up.
I have one on my 5sp piece of cake to do.
If you ever trade it in on something be sure and disable it. A small child was killed at a car lot because the salesman didn't know the vehicle he was showing was in gear. He pushed the button and the small child standing in front of the vehicle was killed by a bumper to the head.

Otherwise, it's a great convenience. :)