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Trailer wiring question after installing JCR Offroad rear bumper


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Syracuse, UT
Hey everyone - I installed the JCR Offroad bumper on my XJ today and think it's fantastic. I removed my old trailer hitch in the process since the new bumper comes with a built-in hitch.

For my old hitch, I had a round 7 pin plug for the trailer lights that whose bracket was mounted to my stock bumper. I love the clean look of the JCR bumper without an electrical bracket hanging off of it, but I can't figure out what to do with the wiring. I currently have it loosely hanging out the back of the XJ. On my minivan, the wiring is in a little compartment inside the rear panel that I pull out when I need to tow a trailer.

For those with an aftermarket bumper, how do you have your trailer wiring harness set up? I'm looking for ideas as I'm at a dead end here. I'm wondering if I can/should ditch the 7 pin plug and go for a smaller and flat 4 pin plug, but that still leaves me unsure of where to put the wires. I wouldn't mind having them inside the XJ and to fish them out when I tow, but I can't think of an obvious place for this. Thoughts?
I was in a simular situation and now coil a flat four connector coiled up and tucked behind my factory spare tire mount which I don't use.
I didn't do it on an aftermarket bumper, as I kept the stock rear on my 99. But what I did do was buy a 7 pin connector, similar to the one shown. I drilled a hole into the bumper, mounter the connector, and wired it from behind. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but it is a real clean install. Not sure if this would be an option on your bumper. I did look on the JCR website, and from what I could tell, it might work for your application.