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Register for SierraFest 2022


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Newcastle, CA
Hello All! Please follow link to this thread to sign up for SierraFest 2022 and see details. Email all registration requests to [email protected], look forward to seeing you there!

Please be aware of vehicle requirements - in summary, if its broken or questionable.. fix it before the trip :repair: If you would like help or a spotter for a line, we're happy to spot you through! Just ask, we're friendly - we promise :kissyou: We leave no member behind but look to you as the attendee to know your own vehicle limits and personal skill level. Bring spare parts if there's something you know is a potential break-point (ie, stock axle shafts/u-joints, etc.) and know how to fix it. Drive within your vehicle and personal limits. And don't forget to have fun! party1:

Link to main thread here: https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1164008&page=3

Look forward to seeing you in August! It'll be here before we know it :sunshine: