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Rear leaf spring rattle


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The three clamps that go around the rear leaf springs are loose on my 97 4X4 . They rattle and clang over any slight road unevenness. It is really annoying. I do not see any way to tighten or slide them to a position where they will not be loose. Any suggestions?
Atlanta GA
you can rebend them with a propane torch, heat 'em up, clamp 'em down, and get out the sledge, just be careful, real careful, or go to your local spring shop, gotta be a few in hotlanta, then ask em for a couple new sets of spring clamps, they make a few different models, my shop had 4-5 different kinds, just make sure you get the kind that need to be tight, otherwise they will slip out again. Another option is to have a shop run a bead on em, so they don't move and then use a table vise to crank em tight again....

off the top of the head. (no, i didn't make em up, I've seen all these before.) probably a few other options out there... good luck.
Husky Spring Company sells rebound clips for about $1.50 or $2.00 each.

I'm usually the last person on Earth to put up with a noise on a car of mine, but my leaves make the same annoying rattle/clinking noise. I just let it go--at least I know what it is--it's pretty harmless as long as your leaves aren't coming apart sideways.

All years are the same

All years are the same

Save the rubber cushions from your stock clips -- they'll fit the clips from Husky Spring.
When mine started to rattle all I had to do was clamp it down hard with a C clamp and it was enough to stop the rattling. 1.5 yrs later and still no rattle. :D I love easy, cheap fixes like that but maybe I just got lucky.
What rubber cushions ? Maybe thats the problem with mine. None are present. I wonder if you can buy them from the dealer?
I took mine off with a hammer and screwdriver (they're jus ton with little beny clips) and repositioned them to a thicker area of the springs (one on the top first -holding it to the leaf, then one on the side -holding it to the sides of the leafs) and then bend the clips back over.

I tried leaving mine off when I installed my lift, but my leaves eventually shifted and one of them started rubbing my tire!
Re: Rear leaf spring rattle "FIXED"

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I was able to tighten the clips with vise-grips. Just kept turning down on the vise- grips a little at at a time. Really very easy and no more annoying clanging.