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rear end noises


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madera ca
What kind of noises are common with a detiot locker. For example when turning or putting vehicle in reverse and even at highway speed getting on and of the gas there is a loud clunk. Does any one else suffer from this or is it nature of the beast. Dont get me wrong its locked up and works great but sometimes has fits.
That's normal, though you'll notice that it will become a little better mannered when it gets broken in.

Out of curiosity... 5 speed or automatic?
Transition from idle to throttle to trailing throttle to brake to throttle again with a light right foot, especially during 90+ degree turns. If you thought you had it bad, imagine if you had a standard, you can use the Detroit to change lanes if you wanted.
My bro's old TJ had a detroit in the rear. It would bang and buck. Some times it would catch and his whole jeep would dart in one direction. Although I'd have to say watching him pull wheelies around corners was pretty sweet. He could pull a tire more than a foot off the ground. It was noisy and it sounded like his rear axle was going to fall off sometimes.