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RE Trackbar Brace

RE TB Brace

I just installed on on my the '99. It attaches to their Heavy Duty TB drop bracket. Appears it will not work alone with the stock bracket. All together though I like the way it connects the frame rails.

I got one as well, I heard they dropped them due to fitment issues. But I like it, I beleive it reduces some of the frame flex.
RE TB Bracket

Do not think they dropped them unless it was in the last week as I got mine last week and it fit perfect.

HMMMM, that's just what I saw mentioned on here a few months back. I did have to elongate one of the holes on the pass. side frame rail. But that was not a big deal, just finding the time to do it was. LOL
I don't see it on their website. Is this piece compatible with a pre-existing steering box brace?
Its not on there website yet. I have only seen it in the last two months issues of 4wd and SU. Did it look like it would be hard to modify to work with a stock(well kinda stock) track bar bracket?
Track Bar

I am not sure if it can be modified to the existing bracket as I ripped it and the track bar off as one and never gave it a secong look. I do not think it would be an easy mod as the RE bracket has a flat spot a where the brace attached and the factory bracket was curved and tight on space, but will go look into it later.
I will try to take a picture of it later and then figure out how to post them:confused: Now need to buy a digital camera, since my little OLD CAMERA sucks...


P.S. Part number is RE1670
thompson97 said:
that design looks stronger than the rusty's, and easier to build yourself.

I agree, I have the rustys and my friend has the RE kit, Id say they both have equivalent frame end brackets but the RE kit uses a spherical bearing at the frame end and the rustys unit uses rubber bushings at both ends.

The Rubicon express track bar is a larger diamater tube then the rustys one so it looks quite a bit stonger. if they are the same wall thickness then the RE kit is a stronger bar.

are rubber joints good or bad?

well the rubber dampens more bumps but it alows more freedom of movement.

Id go RE cause the tube is larger for the same price..