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Rausch Creek Trail Rides


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There will be 2 upcoming trail rides at Rausch Creek.

October 27 & November 24, per-registration will be required as we are limiting the number of rigs to 30-40. We will be running the 4/5 trails cut to break them in as well as to show the owner of the park what the parks potential will be. There may be a possibility of getting more land if these two trail rides go well.

Please email me if you can attend either trail ride. There will be other clubs attending so lets try to have a good NAC turn-out!

[email protected]
The dates are both Sundays, Oct 27 and Nov. 24 (the Sunday before Thanksgiving). I can't go in Oct., but I can attend Nov. 24. Don't count my vehicle, though, I'll hitch a ride and bring my camera!
I'll be there on Oct, 27. I had lots of fun when we did the trail cutting last time and the trails are pretty awesome! Might even go Nov. too

-John from Jersey