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Quick question, AW4 to AX15 swap


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Doing the swap from auto to manual. I have everything but the clutch kit. Doing this on a 2000. I have read alot of conflicting info as far as needing a crossmember from the manual. I read that they are the same on the newer model XJ and have read they aren't. Trying to figure out if I will need to build another or modify my current crossmember. Also Can anyone give me the length differences between the two mounted? Trying to figure out he if my current DS's will still work. Appreciate the help, i would measure it myself but am on the road for over a month and only get 4 days off to have everything and swap it. Thanks
On a 2000 it doesn't look like it :( The crossmember part numbers are different, manual is a 5200 3929AC while automatic is a 5205 9345AA. I'm not sure what the difference is, and there is always the chance that you can mod it to make it work.
Thats what i was kind of figuring. How about this, does anyone know if the bolt pattern for the tranny mounts are the same. If so I can just move the crossmember and weld nuts into the chassis stiffners. I dont think drilling and tapping holes into them will be enough.
Ok, have another question. I will have 2 days to do the swap when i come home and one day for the river. Im sure my rear DS will be fine, its a long travel. The stock front however from what i can tell will need to be shortened one inch, or obviously source a front from a MT XJ. I however wont have enough time to get it anywhere to be shortened. Is it possible to but approx. 1 inch off the female side of the DS and whatever is needed to allow it to collapse that extra inch? More for security in case I hit something hard i would rates not drive the DS through my t- case. It would only be temporary to get me through the weekend. Not worried about balance. Ever heard of someone doing this?