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Question for those who know CB radios.


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I'm thinking about getting a Cobra 75 WX ST remote CB to put in my TJ due to the limited space. Does this unit perform as well as the regular models? Any disadvantages to the remote style? I'll be using an aux speaker so that won't be an issue. While we're at it, what antenna(s)do you recommend for a TJ to get the best performance out of the system? TC
The 75 works fine, provided you get a good one out of the box. As for the antenna there are a couple of options. One is to make a bracket to attach to the 3dr brake light, make it wide enough to double as a flag carrier for ORV parks that require them. Second is to get the one used for a YJ that goes in the rear corner and was used as a tire stop for the tailgate. They cost about $20 or so from quadratec. We have also had good luck just sticking a mag mount on the hood but the cb does not stay in the TJ, soft top ya know, so nothing of value stays in it...and we never lock the doors either.
*note* he's asking about the remote CB with all the controls on the mic, NOT the full-size 75.

Keith/Motorman runs one in his XJ, seemed to work fine the day I rode with him in Moab. Maybe shoot him a PM for some 1st hand input.
yep, that's what I'm talking about too:
I've had one for the past year or so (same handset, two different transmitters) and it works just fine. Most of the whining that's been heard about them has been from people into modifying their CBs into fifty-gigawatt monsters - but seriously, if you're looking for something to run at non-approved power levels or similar then this isn't a good pick. For trail / long drive use (which is what mine is mainly used for), it'll be just fine.

And as always... A well-tuned antenna will do more for you in the long run than all the transmitter in the world.
I've got one. It's still new in the box though. I got it because we used to install it in all the RVs at work. Never heard bad things about it. We used to use it with 2' FireStick antenna's, but that's 'cause they're mounted so high to start with. I've heard the Wilson 1000 antenna is the one to have.
So, basically, all I can provide is hearsay :laugh3:
Is it true that the ant acts to receive the signal and the body acts to transmit (or is it the other way around)? Or is that all just a myth? If mount it to the third light on the T-gate do I lose anything "going" through the hinges/bushings etc. This is going to be used for keeping in contact with a group both on the Highway and the trails. I do a good bit of trail leading and need to be able to reach as far as reasonably possible. I don't planning on having it modified for more power, I'd probably just end up screwing it up. Thanks guys. TC
I've had two. Both didn't work well. Sent one back and it came back ok. The other one still don't work.
The problems I have had has been the buttons on the transmitter. One the transmit button doesn't work and the other one the volume control has never worked right. It is either down so low you can't hear it or its up too loud.