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Pushrod Info


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Plantation, FL
OK this should be an easy one. I don't have my stock pushrods. (They are at home) and I want to order them asap. What is the stock length of push rod? I have stroked the block, and in the process I decked the block and milled the head, so I will take that into consideration when I place the order.

Thanks! MaineJeepah

PS- If this reads funny, it is so that as many word variations of pushrod, push rod, etc. would turn up in a search.
Stock 4.0 pushrods are 9.625" or 9-5/8" long. If you need shorter pushrods to keep lifter preload within spec (0.020"-0.060"), take a look at this page of my performance site to find out which ones to buy:


Alternatively you could shim the rocker arm bridges.