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Pulls Right Under Hard Braking


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I replaced the front rotors and pads a few weeks ago, but now I notice that when I brake hard at like 75% (if 100% is locking up the tires) while going over 35-40 mph, the jeep pulls to the right. I'm not sure if it has always been like this since I usually brake at 25-50% in normal driving. I took the new rotors off last night and everything looks fine. I checked the Teraflex discs in the back and they look fine too.

The FSM says these are the possible causes of brake pull:

-Contaminated pad in one caliper (no, I was very careful to keep them clean out of the box)
-Seized caliper piston (no, wouldn't that cause pull at slow speeds and light braking too?)
-Binding caliper (possible...? How would I know?)
-Loose caliper (no, bolt torques are fine)
-Rusty caliper slide surfaces (no, they're nice and greasy)
-Improper brake shoes (no, brand new EBC Green Stuff pads)
-Damaged rotor (no, brand new Brembo OEM replacement)
-Damaged wheel bearing (possible...? How would I know?)
-Damaged suspension component (possible...?)

More about the "damaged suspension component", I do have a dead spot in my steering ever since I installed the 4.5" RK LA kit. Do people with this dead spot tend to get brake pull? I tried checking all the steering ball joints by grabbing and shaking stuff, but nothing seems to be moving. I'm lost and trying to diagnose this problem. Any suggestions would be great.
Binding caliper(Possible?...How would I know?)
Pulling hard when braking.
I suspect the caliper, I would replace both. Sounds like you have ruled everything else out. If you're on a budget(aren't we all), I got them for $19.95 apiece at O'Reillys for my Comanche.
It sounds like a long shot but you may want to check the rears. If you have a leaking rear seal the brakes will pull towards the non-leaking side (don't ask how I know). Pull your left drum and check for gear oil on the shoes.

This may sound a bit simple but some problems have the simplest solutions.

Have you checked that the tire pressures are correct.

if one side is low it can have this result.

Good luck.
The tire pressures are good. I also retightened my lug nuts to the correct torque in the correct order.

I was thinking about just doing the calipers since I have to redo my rear brake hard line. Does anybody know if I should get the metal or phenolic piston calipers? I hate throwing new parts at a problem though.

I'll check the rear axle seals later.

Any other ideas?
Since you're not sure if the problem existed before the brake job, I would simply swap the front pads and rotors. See if it still pulls right or even pulls to the left.