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Problem w/ TC Drop


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Problem is I could only get one stud out. I installed one side of the kit, but not the other.

My question is... can I get by for a day or two with one side installed or should I remove the spacer and wait until I can get both sides finished?

I kinda figured... but I was hoping to get a different answer, oh well! Better safe than sorry!!! Thanks!!!
Also, once you've soaked the stud with wd-40 or pb blaster or whatever, and you've got the big vise-grips on it, beat the stud with a big heavy hammer. I'm mean hit it HARD, several times. For some reason, I don't know why. that seams to loosen bolts up.
I wouldn't run it half and half, dosn't seem good for linkages and whatnot.

just get some big vicegrips, and clamp the stud in pretty far towards the 'hinge' of the pliers. you can get it tighter with the extra leverage. you gotta get it clamped in real tight, so that the grips dig into the stud. slip a pipe over the vicegrip handle if you still can't budge it.

I got mine out like this and they'd had 15+ years to seize up.
If I understand correctly you have 1 stud taken out from the 6 that are still tight, right? if so you should have no problem. lots of guys that run flipped/clocked D300s us only 4 of the 6 studs to secure it to the tranny, they havent had a problem dont thing you should either.