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prevent maintenance.. white smoke?


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baltimore, md.
so i just bought a 95 xj with 104k on it. previous owner changed oil about 2 weeks ago, plugs 6 months ago and the diff/tranny/tcase fluid within the last 6k. it needed wires so i installed a new set of bosch wires, i also cleaned the throttle body and IAC valve since i had success with doing so on my tj. man was it dirty.. i also dumped 2/3 a bottle of seafoam down the TB and the other 1/3 in the tank. she needed it. anyways, after doing all this i let it sit for a hour or so. started it and let it idle for awhile and she is smoking. i know its the carbon build up but wouldnt that kinda go away after idling 10+ minutes? i also noticed a rattling- so im taking it as the cats going on me. i know the exhaust needs a couple hangars so ill be having that done too.

with 100k on her, what else should i be looking to replace? its a clean jeep.. i must say for the age, she is in great shape.. thanks for the help guys!:dunno:
Seafoam takes A LONG TIME to go away. Since you put it in the tank as well, it will smoke until the next time you fill up.

It's great stuff and it works wonders. The cat con is just a coincidence.....