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Present from Dad


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It is a '96 with the ax15, 27spl 8.25 rear, manual windows and locks(love it), ac, no roof rack(love that too), and 235K. I bought it off CL seven years ago for $600 from a girl in VA who said it needed a clutch. It needed a few ounces of brake fluid in the clutch master. I gave it to dad cause he and mom retired to Bellefonte(10 NE of State College) and I knew they needed a good 4x4. It failed the yearly PA inspection for bumper and floor pan rust, so I told him to disregard my tool wish list and give me the Jeep instead. I'll remove the carpet and see how bad the rot is. Dad sealed the leaky windshield years ago, so hopefully water isn't still getting in. It always had a noisy front pinion bearing which you could hear on decel. I'd like to get an auto d30 with the 3.55s and a track-lock 8.25 also with the 3.55s cause I've never liked the stock 3.07s in any of my manual xjs. I also want to swap out the 231 for a 242 so it can be used for awd at times. It will be a DD city/travel Jeep, so I won't be lifting it. I have some stock Bilsteins to put on it and I'll probably put Addcos and tubular control arms on it as well to sharpen up the handling. If I ever get around to installing the modified Clifford header with 3" collector on my 2wd and paying MBS to fab a down/s-pipe, then I'll put the current Borla header on the 4wd. It has a Dyno-rust cat-back and a hollowed out cat atm(there were chunks years ago and dad was a hot-rodder). It runs very well. Interesting how things come back sometimes.
Saw your post on Ross' lowered 2wd thread. Hope you lower it, do the 242, and LS in the axles. I want to do the exact same thing with my MJ but its currently 2wd for now.