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Pre Lube Kit Install


New member
So one of my presents this morning is a pre-lube kit from Motorprelube: http://www.motorprelube.com/

I haven't seen any install write-ups and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with similar kits. I will be installing this in my 99 XJ and if there's interest I will try to do a step-by-step write-up.
I put acusumps on the race cars at work its pretty straight forward. Put a T at the oil pressure sending uint and use that as the oil feed. The hard part is probably going to find a place to mount that thing under the hood.
I looked at one of these 10 years ago for a VW I was building. Straightforward install, tie into oil system, hook up an ignition power feed, rev the engine a little before shutoff to build pressure in the accumulator, shut key off, and youre ready for your next startup.