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power to roof lights.........


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OK, remember seeing this discused in the old forum but do not remember the different options... How do I get power to kc's on a roof rack?
you could run it up the A pillar and drill a hole for a grommet in the roof.
That thought crossed my mind. Was just wondering what the different options were.
power up

i ran the wires thru the fender to inside of the door then up thru the weatherstriping out the top around the rain gutter over the top to the roof rack channel. not the best looking but very easy and simple.
i ran mine out the tail light and up the weather strip in the hatch. i mounted all harness and relays in recessed area in back.the wire on top follows the factory roof rack ,then to the lights.i got pics if you want them
Get a connector lke they use on the decks of boats....drill /mount it in the roof with teh grommet \and such...then when you want to remove the rack for whatever reason, you just unplug the connector.

about $20...Ary has better info on this