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99 XJ V8 Swapped, now door's will unlock but won't lock


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Long Island NY
I've got a 99 XJ I recently V8 swapped. Before the swap everything worked as it should, after the swap the power locks will unlock but won't lock. I tried a different passenger door switch, no change. It has an aftermarket keyless entry, I've got power at the unlock relay, nothing at the lock relay. In my search I've found a few mentions of a lock inhibitor, this seems to be what's happening, but it's all the time. The ECM was removed in the conversion, does it have something to do with the inhibitor? I can't find any info on this inhibitor. Any help would be greatly appreciated
I did a 350 swap into my '88, didn't have any issues, though I know there are significant differneces between the two. are the solenoids in good shape?

BTW, where in li are you? I got the hell out a year ago.
If memory serves, the factory keyless remote worked through the "Body Control Module", but as I have a 92 myself I don't know much more than that.

Do you have access to the 99 FSM? That'd probably be your best bet for details on the system
Wow replies! I'd given up after a few weeks, thanks guys!
It all worked when I pulled the drivetrain and ECM out. I probably cut out something i shouldn't. I do have the FSM on disc, went through the wiring a few times, can't find a thing

JMG I'm in East Islip, where were you?