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Power door lock wiring.... FSM gods????


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OK I'm having an intermittant short in my driver side power door lock in my '96 Cherokee Country.

I've pulled the door panel off and removed the wiring harness (PINA). But what I need to know are which wires affect the driver side door lock?

If someone with a FSM could help me out that would be great.

Pink/Black and Black/White are the colors at ALL of the actual motors.
I don't know if this helps, but the major hot wires (from the fuse block) for the whole circuit are:
White/Black--fuse 17, 7.5A switched hot
Lt. Green--fuse 13, 20A always hot
Pink--fuse 9, 10A always hot

EDIT: At the motors, Black/White are positive, and at the relays, Pink/Violet control unlock and Orange/Violet control lock.
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After removing the tape and looking at it a bit more closely, it became clear... the pink/violet wire was snipped in half. The only thing holding it together was a small bit of insulation. Spliced it back together and I am golden.