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Power Braking


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Yea I know this is a stupid question but Will power braking damage anything else but my brakes? I'm currrently doing it on an offroad only to do donuts and Im gonna replace brakes front and rear when I register it any way so Is it gonna hurt anything else?

By the way,
It's a great way to destroy a transmission, but other than that it's a lot of fun (NOT)
What do you need to powerbrake for to do a doughnut? Just stomp on it and go. I can do a doughnut on dry pavement with 31's and a locker. On dirt I can go all day long.

Powerbraking is used for burnouts. Which I can also do on dry pavement with 31's:D
My old dakota with the 318 would do some killer burnouts.....

my jeep just loads up and the auto tranny screams out when i try.....

haven't done one yet with my 00 f150...something tells me the rear disc brakes might make it a little interesting....

mac 'burnouts till something breaks' gyvr
Hunter-Lynchburg said:
power braking is weak, nuetral drops are where its at!


My friend used to do those all the time in his 5.0 Cougar a little less than a year later the tranny wouldn't shift and the torque converter barely engaged. I just laughed at him because I told him it would happen.
After 2" of rain with a wet road im slipped the tires for about 50' without any brakes. HEHEHE Cant wait for My exhaust and intake!
My 2000 will powerbrake (I heard anyway never did it I swear:D ) But I can feel the rear of my Jeep rising and falling as my springs wrap into some shape other than what they are supposed to be. They also do the same thing if I accidentally grab a handfull of E-brake when a kid in a Honda with a 6 inch tailpipe is riding my @$$.
50' when wet? man i used to do that out of stop lights by accident if it was wet if i went a little to hard on it. my jeep when it was on the road would roast through 1st gear and keep spinning in 2nd all the way down the road and just stay there, the rpm's would'nt go up or nothing it would just keep spinning at about 50mph until it bogged slightly then caught traction at about 50-55mph. this was with 245/60R15 Radial TA's, the front end lowered about 2.5"s, alot of weight saving as in no spare tire or jack, no back seat or rear seat belts, no carpet or insulation, removed interior moldings and numerious other things along with a toyed around with motor. When it was bone dry i could lay into it on any type of pavement, up hill or downhill and break 1st gear loose to the point where i would have to let off the gas to let the tires get traction and stop the motor from jumping right up to redline. God damned i miss driving that thing.

in my 96 xj with snow tires and 2 people in the back i let them rip around a turn and about 20 feet of posy down a straightaway.....it suprised the hell out of me and it was the last time i did it cause i had bald rear tires after that.