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Potential sponsors


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Warsaw, IN
When do we want to start emailing potential sponsors? I have the list of ones on my email of who I contacted last year and didn't know if we wanted to start contacting people yet or not.
I would say anytime after the holidays. I was going to clean up your posting from who won what last year and from our previous lists.

I might have some time over the next two days of working doubles to get to it.

mac 'holiday money' gyvr
this is a rough list so you can see where we started from, i'll clean this up and repost it so its easier to navigate


warn / arb

Total Metal Innovations
TMR Customs
Artec Industries
B. Lee Offroad
Aries (not sure if they are national sponsor or not)
Axleboy Automotive
Master pull
bubba rope
Smash Hole - national
Big Trusty Cook Hammer -
Hi-Lift stuff -
badlands swag - mwc bod will handle
IRO - national
MWC swag - MWC bod
$100 TNT Customs Gift Certificate - national
Ares Fab rear bumper - national
gear box spacer - ????
Prime 4x4 - national
Logans Winch Bumper - Dan Handling
Indiana trail pass - ?????????
Matco tire kit -
Tom Woods -
Dirtbound Offroad - national
Bushwacker Gift Certificate -
ARB chair -
East Coast Gear Supply -
Daves Offroad Supply -national
HD off road - national
Hitchin rods -
Tomken rear bumper - national
Warn Strap -
Leather Murse -
Iron man fab -
Napier gift - national
$100 JCR gift certificate - national
Clayton Offroad - national
1. Yeti Cooler tan – Gene Engelking
2. Yeti Cooler White – Jason Durbin
3. Rusty’s $100 GC – Matt Rowland
4. Rusty’s $50 GC – Aaron Thompson
5. Tom Woods bag, hat and $50 GC – Jim
6. Ho balls – Brian Taylor
7. Hat, Sticker, and $50 Smash hole GC – Matt Patterson
8. Badlands sticker, day pass and shirt – Collin McCormick
9. Weather Tech surprise – Samri Wilson
10. IRO 8.25 Truss – Zac Collins
11. IRO bumper brackets – Collin McCormick
12. IRO H&T and Jig – Matt Bafaro
13. Steering Box spacer – Derek Smith
14. Logans $100 GC, yeti stuff and 4WD calendar – Craig Kaufman
15. Logans Winch Bumper – Pat Main
16. IRO D30 gusset kit – Zac Collins
17. Napier hood vents – Thomas Cubberley
18. $100 Logans GC and yeti stuff – Kelly Martin
19. Badlands day pass, shirt and stickers – Kim Delveaux
20. 50” Smash Hole LED bar – Andrew Settle
21. Robbies $25 GC, Pizza King GC and T shirt – Dan Wheeler
22. $50 Napier GC, 4WD calendar and Tom Woods hat – Kim Delveaux
23. IRO XJ brake hose kit – Jim Stanfield
24. Ares Winch bumper – Todd Carpenter
25. RCV bag and Streamlight headlight – Collin McCormick
26. IRO steering Box spacer and JakeWI sticker – Zac Collins
27. IRO 8.25 U bolt kit – Travis McVey
28. Logans $100 GC, yeti swag and Tom Woods hat – Kim Delveaux
29. IRO steering box spacer and Tom Woods hat – Matt Rowland
30. $100 Tom Woods GC and hat – Sean Ryan
31. Warn Accesory kit – Andy Gennette
32. Weather Tech surprise and Tom Woods hat – Matt Bohl
33. Rock Auto $25 GC and swag – Charles Suter
34. Ho balls – Gene Engelking
35. Badlands Stuff – Charles Suter
36. IRO bumper brackets – Sylvia Engel
37. Logans $100 GC and Swag – Gene Engelking
38. Badlands Stuff – Matt Rowland
39. Tom Woods $150 GC and swag – Kim Delveaux
40. IRO frame stiffeners and Tom Woods hat – Steve Luccioni
41. $500 Metal Cloak GC – Josh James
42. JCR Offroad $50 GC and swag – Andy Gennette
43. Logans $100 GC – Jeff Parker
44. Ruff Stuff steering kit – Travis McVey
45. Swag and stickers – Brad Nabholz
46. D35/44 Ubolt kit – Jerry Cockrum
47. Swag – Bob Loose
48. Stickers – Jerry Cockrum
49. Stickers and Coozie – Nick bafaro
50. Stickers – Kim Delveaux
51. D30 sleeve kit – Matt Rowland
RCV gift certificate - John Popp
Napier hood vents and shirt - Jerry Cockrum
Full set Brown Dog motor mounts - Mike Park
Weathertech seat protector - Dave Kollmann
Smashhole lights - Neil Cassidy
IRO steering box spacer and 8.25 u-bolt kit - Kevin Ramirez
$100 Warrior products gift card - Andy Gennette
$100 Logan's Metal Products gift card - Collin McCormick
HD Offroad balance beads and shirt - Matt Patterson
$100 ECGS gift card - Steve Luccioni
IRO double sheer track bar - Paul Zweig
Aussie Locker dana 30 - Bob Cummings
Logans Metal Products winch bumper - Craig Bush
Ares Fab steering kit - Kim Delveaux
Smashhole lights and shirt - Dan Wheeler
Weathertech seat covers and shirt - Brandon Brabender
Hi lift reflective tow strap - Craig Bush
Redbird trail pass, sticker, and poster - Craig Bush
$100 Rusty's gift card - Tim Mojonnier
Napier flares - Gene Engelking
IRO tow hook mount and d-ring upgrade - Matt Rowland
Weathertech seat covers - Wade Kollmann
$50 Axle boy gift card and shirt - Travis McVey
IRO steering brace, u-bolt kit, and hat - Nate James
$50 JCR gift card and shirt - Pat Main
$100 Warrior Products gift card and shirt - Jeff Parker
Napier Hood vents - Kim Delveaux
JKS adjustable control arms - Greg Bishop
Gear wrenches - John Amann
HD Offroad shackle relocation brackets - Byron Foreman
Hi Lift jack - Paul Zweig
Ares Fab quarter guards - Andy Gennette
$100 Logans gift card - Justin Flores
HD Offroad balance beads and shirt - Brandon Brabender
4wd gift card - John Amann
Weathertech bumper step and shirt - Craig Bush
IRO mid stiffeners and hat - Justin Flores
Weathertech mats and hat - Kim Delveaux
Smashhole lights and shirt - Brandon Brabender
Warn recovery kit and hat - Dave Kollmann
Weathertech mat and shirt - Sean Ryan
IRO 8.25 truss - Bill Slattery
Ruff Stuff steering kit - Craig Bush
Weathertech mat and shirt - Dan Wheeler
IRO adjustable lower arms and hat - Craig Kaufman
Weathertech mat and shirt - Wade Kollmann
HD Offroad balance beads and hat - Wade Kollmann
Napier hood vents and shirt - Dan Wheeler
$50 Warrior products gift card - Craig Bush
Weathertech seat cover and shirt - Mike Park
$100 Logan's gift card and hat - Nate James
$50 JCR gift card - Brian Wereley
Redbird trail pass - Collin McCormick
$25 ECGS gift card and shirt - Byron Foreman
Weathertech cargo holder - Tim Nolan
Weathertech seat cover and shirt - Rob Gazdzicki
HD Offroad balance beads and hat - Nate James
$50 Warrior products gift card and shirt - Molly Schulz
Weathertech seat cover and shirt - Sean Ryan
IRO front stiffeners - Brandon Weirauch
Weathertech seat cover - Byron Foreman
$50 Warrior products gift card and shirt - Brandon Melton
$25 ECGS gift card - Collin McCormick
Weathertech seat cover - Kim Delveaux
HD Offroad balance beads - Wade Kollmann
Logan's Metal Products non winch bumper - Brandon Weirauch
If in doubt on whether they are a national sponsor - http://sponsorship.naxja.org/

ARB / Warn – mac will do forms
MWC swag - MWC bod will handle
Badlands – MWC bod will handle

BDS - national
Total Metal Innovations
TMR Customs
Artec Industries
B. Lee Offroad
Master pull
bubba rope
Big Trusty Cook Hammer -
TNT Customs Gift Certificate - national
Prime 4x4 -
Matco tire kit -
Dirtbound Offroad - national
Bushwacker Gift Certificate -
Daves Offroad Supply - national
Hitchin rods -
Tomken - national
ZONE - national
Leather Murse -
Iron man fab -
Clayton Offroad - national
Yeti Cooler
Pizza King –Attica
Rock Auto
Tom Woods
Metal Cloak - national
Brown Dog - national
Aussie Locker - national
Rusty's - National
Axle boy
JKS adjustable control arms – JKS
Gear wrenches napa? – Ben?
Hi Lift jack
Ares Fab
4wd / 4wheelparts
Smashhole lights – mac will handle
Ruff Stuff - national
Napier – national – tho they have given extra to us in the past??
Redbird trail pass
Prime4x4 - national
Stinkyfab racing - national
IRO – national – probably event sponsor – mac handling
Warrior products
Weathertech – mac will contact
HD Offroad - national – maybe lunch – mac handling
Logan's Metal Products – probably event sponsor – mac handling
other potential sponsors that have donated in the past (some may not be still in business):
Jeepin Outfitters
Detours USA
T&J Performance
Toumbs Repair
WNC Custom Jeeps
AJ’s Offroad Armor
Flatland Truck and 4x4
Randy's Ring and Pinion
PORC (Performance Offroad Center)
High Angle Driveline
West Texas Offroad
T-max winches
Moab Offroad in Louisville, KY.
Reuther Jeep... they are a local dealer that caters to the STL offroad crowd. http://www.reuthersjeepchrysler.com
Hellbent Performance Offroad
please post if you contact anyone so we aren't bothering sponsors

Here's an easy info sheet for the event if needed for an email:

Request Type: Club Event
Organization Name: North American XJ Association Midwest Chapter
Event Name: Winterfest 2017
Event Location: Attica, IN
Event Dates: 03-03-2017 to 03-04-2017
Average Number of Vehicles: 50
Expected Attendance: 100
Media Coverage: Four Wheeler Magazine has been invited
Product Requested: Truck Jeep Cherokee Comanche products and accessories
Product Use: Raffle
Date Needed: 02-28-2017
Event Is a Fundraiser: Yes
Fundraiser Proceeds Go To: Supporting the club and land use donations
Contact Name: Matt Rowland
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 260-402-3387
Street Address: 7525 Maplecrest Rd #123
City: Fort Wayne
State: IN
Zip: 46835

The Midwest Chapter of the North American XJ Association is a chapter of NAXJA incorporated in January of 1999. This will be our 18th Winterfest event. Our primary focus is the gathering of XJ and MJ enthusiasts from the Midwest region of the United States. This yearly event entails two days of trail riding at the Badlands Off-Road Park in Attica, IN. The finale of the event is a dinner and raffle. The proceeds of the raffle support the club with activities throughout the year that support responsible use of public lands through land-use focused organizations, including endorsing the ideals of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, and other regional groups as approved by the membership of the chapter. We have made past donations to the Redbird State Riding area in Dugger, IN as well as other regional donations in the Midwest. Thank you for taking the time to consider donating.

Feel free to have product shipped to me by 02/28/2017.
I will contact these sponsors again

Warrior products
Artec industries
Rock auto

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I also have an email out to

KC Highlights
Unlimited Offroad

Got a call into Affordable Offroad. Talked to them at the indy jamboree and they were interested in doing something for us.

Am also gonna stop into local Napa again tomorrow and talk to them about maybe donating another set of wrenches or something. Thought about hitting up a couple local parts stores and talking to them as well.
We need a lunch in the quarry on Saturday sponsor. The past sponsors declined for this year. Any thoughts?

I asked Justin and he's not coming.

I may contact ares and not sure who else that is coming sponsor wise? Maybe Napier?

It's been 30 pizzas for around $320 or so in the past.

I'll ask Napier when I talk to them.

cool, i saw somewhere he said he might come. that would be cool. even if he'd be interested in doing half, i'll call James from Ares and see if he's interested on Wed.
Has anyone considered contacting cavfab possibly? I know they a fairly new company but theyake some pretty neat stuff just a idea.
Warn has been contacted.

I will mail a letter to ARB in the next day or so...srsly...mail a letter...
Contacted Sluffs Grab handles, they just made me an awesome set of paracord grab handles to go all over the Jeep.
Going to send a message to Devil Woman flags too, maybe we can get a cert for a custom flag or a MWC flag.

*Edit, Devil Woman is sending gift certs and some business cards for the tables!
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Cool, how's everyone else doing? Contacting any other sponsors on the list?