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Portable Welder - ReadyWelder II $480


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Bought this a while back...... now that I'm outta the buggy thing, no real reason to keep this around.

This is a never used Readywelder II 10000ADP-CS. This is the model rated "best" for offroad / remote location use.

It's complete, with manual, all parts and pieces are present. Case shows dirt and wear from the previous owner having it stowed in his buggy but otherwise, it's in new condition.

These sell at the Premier Power Welder site for $619 shipped.




Sale pending to JohnX........
The local Cal-Ranch had these on an amazing sale a few years ago for less than $100. Every time I see one come up for sale I want to vomit for not buying one.
Yup I picked up 3 in that sale. My cousin bought 5 I sold two and kept on for myself but someone needed it more than me (stolen) and my cousin did the same except he still has his. Best sale ever :)