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Pitman arm?


NAXJA Forum User
Hey folks.

After swapping to 1 ton steering, I’ve got some bump steer since the angles of the track bar is now more steep than the angle of the drag link. Wondering if I can mount the drag link on the top side of the pitman arm, or is that a no-no? Did the math and that would be enough to kill the bump steer, and will not bind on anything.
You could try it. I've seen people do it successfully. Its inferior to moving the track bar to match the drag link because the steeper angles of the two bars will move laterally more than they would if they were closer to parallel with the ground. Also you'll need to make sure you're not maxing out your joints when flexing.
What about the taper in the arm for the TRE? Have you drilled it out straight for a bolt and rod end? I don’t know if you can get a tapered insert for that joint/size.