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By the time we were hanging off the back, Todd and I had nothing to do with the line. Jason was pointing the way, but I guess he couldn't tell the angle from where he was standing. I also don't think he realized that one tire was already in the air and we were on the back... It felt like I was hanging on that tire carrier all day. All I know is I was damn glad Keith had the winch line ready to go...:shiver:
Andy in Pa. said:
I got a call from Keith on the CB that went something like "Umm, Andy, yeah.... Rob and Todd are hanging off the side of Matts Jeep....and, yeah, their trying to spot him over this line on Q....... it looks like he might roll...."

Trust me, you did not want to see what I saw at the bottom of the trail!!!! I looked up the trail and the first thing out of my mouth was " HOLY CRAP, WHAT THE F.... ARE THEY DOING???!!!!!":shocked: :shocked:

Haha, oh man. Memories of Q back at nac-fest 02. That trail definitely has given us some of the most fun over the years.


I have a picture of like 6 of you with a rope around my roof, and ben looks like he's having way too much fun coordinating a nice in unson pull.
Ahhh....good times...I am so careful running someone through that line because of that day!! You should see the hole at the very top of Q now. Remember when you watched me throttle out of there a few years ago?? It has only gotten worse... You MUST have rocker protection to get out of it now.
Andy I got a little video but it's analog, I'll make a tape if someone can put it to digitl
here's more, there so many to choose from, next will be video clips.


There's more shots of my kid wheelin his RC's then of me wheelin my own rig, oh that's right I was stuck for three hours
ahhh Nicko that was my first NacFest...I'll never forget the expression on your face,priceless,I have a pic of that someplace.
Ben, I'd like to cut my stuff together and i'll post it on the site so everyone can see it as soon as its done, but if you'd like i'll send you a full quality DVD and you can just stick my edited section into the nacfest video if that works? PM me if you wanna. Thanks
Heres more pics, i decides to post a few from the first day at Paragon ridin with the moderate group and i got a few more of the hardcore group

i like the orange xj...:loveu: