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Picnic Saturday August 7th, Mission Bay (San Diego)


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NAXJA Member
San Diego, CA
The SoCalXJ group has a picnic every year down on Fiesta Island in San Diego, and it's been a merged event with NAXJA for years.

This year it's earlier in August, as I'll be travelling the later part of August. I am NOT going down at 6am to try to hold a stretch of sand for everyone this year (like I usually do), but I'll get there fairly early. There's a lot of flat hardpacked sand area to park on.

Saturday August 7th, anytime b/w 6am & 10pm ::party1::party::party1::party:

West shore of Fiesta Island, where the "shortcut" comes across from the east side... roughly "1500 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego 92109", coordinates 32.78025 -117.222500 aka 32*46'48.9"N 117*32'21.0"W

Bring your rig if you want, or whatever gets you there!!

Bring your own food & beverages; if you're so inclined, bring something to share (hopefully most of us will be vaccinated by then, as I have been).

No glass or alcohol allowed on the beach per SDPD rules, but people do get creative sometimes. Just don't get visibly stupid

Bring chairs, shade, water toys, beach toys, firewood, well behaved dogs (Fiesta Island is an OFFLEASH beach, though there's also a dog park just south of where we hang out).

You can launch watercraft from the sand on Fiesta Island

Be courteous--give space to those wanting to wear masks. I don't tend to wear one at the beach when there's room around me. But I'm happy to put one on to talk to those who do, and I'm back to hugging those who are comfortable doing so. There's plenty of space to spread out and should be room to sit around and socialize.

Mark your calendars now, it's always a good time!!

If you get lost or can't find us for some reason, I can be reached at six19 six 5 4 nine 7 five 8.

Also for those new to Fiesta Island or who have forgotten, the perimeter road is pretty flat and is great for biking, walking, running, skating/blading, etc...
And yet another year I can't make this...weekend right before SierraFest :(
Be there with the fam and the jetski!

Sounds great! It's always a good time. I don't recognize your screen name, so find me & introduce yourself! ~Carol

And yet another year I can't make this...weekend right before SierraFest :(

Crap. Sorry Art, but one of these days... Come to the N County M&G... it moves around a bit now (but is still the 1st Tuesday); text me some time when you can make it & I'll tell you where.
Its on the calendar, hope to see y'all there.

Dang it, where's the "Like" button on this app?::wierd::jester::looney:
LOL... I know, it's just funny.
Oh, how I wish. But alas, I'm still grounded, until the house here is ready to go on the market.

Anyone want to buy 30 acres with 3200 sq ft for $350K?

Maybe when we move, I'll have more freedom. After all, it will be approx. the same distance as now.

David Bricker / SYR
Feel free to move the house anywhere you'd like after the sale.

David Bricker / SYR