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parting out a 96 jeep cherokee

He asked me about them. I told him about mine if the 10" wide ones were good for me.
It sure is nice of you to fund pauls's projects.:twak:

You could get some nice rims and tires for yourelf and he could keep his old ones.
I need a new driver's seat for my 96. Is your's in good shape? Also, if the front left corner of the hood escaped damage, I need the turn signals and light bezel from that side. Willing to pay to ship it out. It's hard to find a decent seat in the junk yards around here.
I dont know what you are complaining about DAD, you are getting a $1000 lift for free!!! I have put up all the cash for the 8". you should appreciate the fact that you have a son that is willing to provide you with the means of "KEEPING UP WITH THE BOYS".:soapbox: