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parting out 91 2 door cherokee


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manhattan, ks.
91 cherokee. 2.5/5 speed, 2wd. light hit to front and rear. all passenger sheetmetal is good, i believe the drivers door is good. all windows are good, minus the windshield. it was being driven till it got wrecked so the driveline is good. everythings for sale, parting out whole rig. email me at [email protected] if you want something.

ok, everyone that i was talking to about parts on this jeep, please email be again and refresh my memory about the stuff i need to price, check on, etc. because when the site crashed, i got lost as to what i had priced, what i was waiting on money for, what i was supposed to see if it was in good shape, etc. the one thing i remember is the guy that wanted soft, cushy headrests. it has em and i dont really want to separate em from the seats but for 25 bucks, they're yours. if you're still interested email me. thanks again everyone.
i've actually got a set that came off my 86. 10 bucks and they're yours.
What color is the interior? If gray, does it have illuminated vanity mirrors? Thanks

it's gray. i'll check tomorrow on the mirrors.
Front seats any good? My drivers is sagged out.
Do you still have the Lower and upper control arms for the RE lift kit?

If so, are they adjustable and how much?
How about the trackball?

Also, what size are the rear leaf springs, shackles?

allright, everyone that posted here a long time ago and havent got a response, i'm really really sorry, i havent gotten any emails saying someone had posted on this ad. here we go--i'm not sure what you're asking about the rear axles.. its a c clip 35 and i'm pretty sure its got 4.10's. that answer your question? i'm pretty sure the seat in this thing is shot but i'll check it out monday.
"Do you still have the Lower and upper control arms for the RE lift kit?

If so, are they adjustable and how much?
How about the trackball?

Also, what size are the rear leaf springs, shackles?"
this stuff is actually on my dd, and is not for sale. sorry.
i'm not sure about the skids or the rear towhook bracket, check em both out monday. the stock radio is gone but the speakers are still there. anyone who is interested in any of this stuff is much better off to email me as i check that pretty much every day. thanks again everyone.
I think passenger seat is the same thing, if I just bolt it to my drivers bracket. How bout that one?

I assume the header pannel is broken if it was wrecked?
do you have a tire carrier/custom bumper (front or rear) what wheels do you have on there? stock or aftermarket?
allright, i'm gonna go ahead and answer the stuff i remember off the top of my head but my grandpa passed on this weekend so i wont be able to make it up to check on the other stuff till wednesday. i'm pretty much positive the passenger seat is in great shape, i dont even think it has any tears. i'll check wednesday to be sure. the header panel is indeed broken, so i can't do you any good there. it has stock bumpers front and rear and the wheels it has are the original 10 spoke aluminum ones (i think theyre 10 spoke). i'll let the rest of you guys know on the other stuff wednesday. thanks again.
Hey homey I think I was talking to you about the 2.5L but cash is short right now. So if you get a buyer don't hold it for me!
I will take the drivers side buckle for the seat belt if it is a Bendix type. I can email a pic of what I am looking for if that will help.

Let me know how much plus shipping. I am in Fayetteville, NC.