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Pads & rotors


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I need suggestions for pads & rotors, wouldn't mind upgrading to premium parts as the recall replacement rotors the dealer installed a year ago are heavily scored already. I've heard good things about EBC 6000 SUV pads; but know little of replacement rotors.

Also how hard is this job (if my (R) caliper isn't stuck-- which I believe it is).

-97 XJ Sport, mostly stock, synthetics (Mobil 1, Redline)
i've just always used the best pads my local autoparts store gave me, so i don't think i can help ya much there, but what makes ya think your caliper is frozen? is your wheel locking up? Anyway the job is a no brainer, take the wheel off, two bolts hold the caliper on, pull it off, pull the pads off, coat the contacts in grease and slide them back on, wallaw, put it all back together, if you caliper is seized i would'nt reuse it as its probrably rusty and will just do it again after ya unseiz it. To replace the piston air would be alot easier to blow the old one out and help seat the new one with the new seal, but that might not be an option for you.


Thanks for the reply; what would cause the (R) rotor to be scored so badly? I've been getting a grinding noise from there when brakes are applied. Tons of dust on the wheel too...
I just did a complete front brake job from hoses to pads.

20 each for the rotors
17 each per caliper (50 core)
15 each per YJ hose
50 for ceramic pads

I haven't done the rear yet, that's for later in the week.

Several things could have scored your rotors,but the most probable is that the lining is worn down to the rivets. That would explain the grinding.