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One thing to try when testing for rear wheel bearing failure


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Aiken SC
If you have a howling noise coming from the back of your jeep but you can’t pinpoint it to the rear diff, any of the axle bearings, or the t case, try this simple test (YouTube link below). Often just spinning your rear tires and trying to pry them right/left won’t show you anything even if your bearing has failed. The geometry of a solid axle plus drum brakes makes it tough to use the standard tests on your rear axle/wheel bearings. This doesn’t apply to front wheels - REAR ONLY. https://youtu.be/LboQLLLrgwE
That's one of the most un-informative You Tube videos I've ever seen!
A whole 7-minute video to say (not even show) that leaking gear oil and play in the bearing means it's bad?

You appear to have signed up to this forum for the sole purpose of shilling unhelpful videos. Please stop.
wow!! I just found out that he flooded other automotive forums with the videos.
Are we now a place for auditions of (maybe not so) upcoming YT channels?
Seems like all the reviews would come from Simon Cowell!!!!!