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once again...AC out of defrost ducts


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Stillwater, OK
ok guys, my AC is coming from my defrost ducts again...grr. i've checked the vacuum bottle conections and theyre fine and i've traced the lines back to the block and havent caught anything just looking at them that would make sense here. any ideas?

Maybe it's time to get a vacuum gauge on it, or to beg,buy, borrow or steal a vacuum pump to test the lines and tank one at a time.

You might also have to have a really close look at the vacuum bottle. The bottle can crack and leak without the holes being obvious, especially if the mounting feet crack. Don't forget to check the lines going to the vacuum motors that operate the heater flaps, and the motors themselves. It's rare for one of them to fail, but not unheard of. If someone has been working under the dash, they might have disconnected one by accident.
Try looking at the little valves in line with the vaccume lines. Mine were in backwards and I never knew it until a-mechanic looked at them and put them in pointing in the right direction. Worked great ever since :) Thanks Andy!!
which valves would these be that u ae referring to?