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Oil change vacuum pump??


I worry when rattles stop
I just bought a used VW Golf TDI (so the XJ doesn't have to be a daily driver anymore) and I have been looking into various upgrades for it and found something interesting when I was looking at skid plates for the oil pan. Has anyone ever heard of or used a Pela Oil Extractor (http://www.pelaproducts.com/) before on their XJ to change the oil. I know it would work in the Golf but if it would work in my XJ too I actually might consider getting one so that I don't have to modify the skid on the Golf. Any thoughts or personal experiences with these products or similar please share.
sucking the oil out the dipstick tube is perfectly viable. Just make sure you get a pump that can handle 6 quarts.
The only thing I would think is at least some time open the drain so your sure you get all the dirt out with the oil.
Dirt sinks or settles out of the oil, the suction type will not get it all out, thats why you change oil when it's hot so it flushes out with the old oil...