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Ohio: 89 2-door body cheap!


NAXJA Forum User
Loveland, Ohio
I have an 89 2-door body cheap! lots of dents the body is not rusty only major rust is driver floor needs patched. pass door, has rust, drivers door is good but dented, window regulators are gone, no hatch, rear glass is there, the seat belts are gone, interments are gone, no hood or nose peice, no console, no brakes, no axles spring,etc, (you can buy them I will leave them in) no engine harness, was a 4.0, aw4, 231. combo,

good for an off road only rig!

$100 obo.! building an MJ this needs to go!

[email protected]

Sean, Your a generous guy!:)

No thanks Sean, I will just fill it full of old Dozer parts from my shop and take it in for scrap!:D