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Official schedule of events for the week.

Bryan C.

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Here is the official trail run and event schedule for the week.

All trail runs will originate from base camp near Dinkey Creek, please see the directions thread for the exact location. (http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1122133) This will also be the location of the Saturday night BBQ and raffle.

Monday the 10th, there is a tentative run scheduled for Brewer Lake trail. This trail is rated as easy. It is an in & out 3.5 mile trail to Brewer Lake.

Tuesday the 11th we will be leaving base camp at 9:00am sharp to head to Swamp Lake Trail. The trail should take about 3 hours of driving to get to Grouse Lake. Anyone not ready at 9:00 will be left behind and can catch up to the group. The trail is poorly marked in many locations through the first half of the trail, it is highly recommended that you run with the group as it is very easy to get lost along the way. I will post up directions to the trailhead in this thread and the directions thread. If you plan on showing up late, or driving in on Wednesday morning, please post up so we know to expect you.

Tuesday night we are camping at Grouse Lake on the Swamp Lake Trail.

Wednesday the 13th will be a down day to relax at the lake. I have never been there but there is a hiking trail that leads to Little Dorris Lake, most likely there will be a group heading out for a hike for the day.

Wednesday evening is our Pot Luck Dinner, bring something to share with the group and hang out for the evening.

Thursday the 14th, in the morning we break camp at Grouse Lake and head back to base camp. We will have an early and a late group leaving camp. The trail takes about 3.5 hours to run from Grouse to the end. My plan is to get back to Dinkey Creek early enough to hit the showers at the general store and set up my tent at base camp.

Friday the 15th, in the morning we will leave camp early, 8:30am, to head out to Red Lake/Coyote Lake. This trail is rated as difficult and will take some time to reach the trailhead. Lunch will be at Coyote Lake.

Friday night, we will again camp at base camp near Dinkey Creek.

Saturday the 16th, in the morning we will leave for Bald Mountain trail around 9:00am. Lunch at the top of Bald Mtn, and head back to base camp for the BBQ/Raffle.

Saturday night we will hold our main event, the BBQ and raffle.

Sunday the 16th, break camp and head home.

Directions to Swamp Trail from base camp:

Continue on McKinley Grove Rd towards Wishon reservoir for approx 2 miles.

Turn left the sign for Swamp Lake Trail onto FS rd# 10S13

Continue on 10S13 until you hit a fork in the road, keep left at the fork and follow FS rd# 10S66.

Continue on 10S66 until to reach another fork in the road. Keep left at the fork and follow FS rd# 10S31.

Continue on 10S31 until you reach a fork in the road, keep right towards the gate and signs saying Swamp Lake Trail. This is the trailhead.