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OBDII reader and NO BUS error


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So I just swapped my stock 4L for a 4.6L stroker. When I first got it running, I got the "no bus" error on the odometer and a couple of MIL codes (P1698 and P1694). I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and I found a loose ground which I tightened. The CEL didn't come on and the "no bus" error disappeared.

I drove it about 300 miles and tried to get it smogged but it didn't pass. I realized that I still had the stock injectors. After replacing the injectors, I drove another 150 miles and the CEL came on. I plugged in my reader and the "no bus" error and the trouble codes came back plus code P0455.

It looks like I have a conflict between my car and my OBDII code reader. For funsies I disconnected my reader and turned the car on. The CEL was still on, but the "no bus" error didn't return. Turned off the ignition, plugged the reader back in, turned on the ignition and the "no bus" error was back. Has anyone experienced a problem like this? I am using an OBDLink MX dongle and my laptop for reading the codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!