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OBD1 Scanner


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I’ve had a MT2500 scanner for my 95 XJ for a few years now. Great scanner that has really helped me out. Shows lots of real time data on the state of the engine and sensors. I usually keep it in its suitcase with its cables and books/guides.

But I decided I wanted to have it readily available in the Jeep at all times. I came up with a James Bond idea of having it pop up and out of the centre console.

It was a tight fit but worked out pretty good. I had to extend the console lid height upward about 4 inches. This allowed room for my cup holders, the scanner, and room below for my bits and pieces.

Under the hood, I stripped the datalink connector bare. Even though it’s a 6 pin connector, that goes into a 15 pin MT2500 serial cable, there are basically only 4 wires that are used. 12v power, ground, data in and data out. I used cat5 cable and soldered the wires, then ran the cable through the firewall and up into the console. I then had to splice the cat5 wires into the correct location on the scanners 15 pin plug. I did this via a toggle switch, so that I could power it on and off from the console.

Took it for a test drive tonight and was happy with functionality.

Pics below. I’m in Oz, so she is a RHD Jeep.






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Not sure what else to say but "wow". Nice bit of work there.
That came out really nice :thumbup:
Where do you plug it in? I've never used a scanner, just the key on-off-on-off-on trick.

OBD1 XJs have the diagnostic plug under the hood on the left side near the air box. I hard wired a cable onto that port. There are 4 wires which are data in, data out, 12v and earth. I ran the cable through the firewall and up into the centre console. I then had to splice the cable onto the MT2500 db15 serial cable. I have however, Also spliced in an LED rocker switch so I can turn it on and off.
When I want to use it, I flip the scanner up, reach down and grab the connector and plug it into the top of the scanner. Then I flip the LED switch and it all powers up.

It will give you any codes, but also gives me real time data such as O2 sensor function, fuel trims, voltages, temperatures etc. You can also run tests with it like opening solenoids, injectors and relays.
You can clear codes and reset adaptive memory.
I also have the troubleshooter module installed. Haven’t played with that much, but I think it’s a bit of a mechanical help guide.