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NP 242, reapir


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Central Germany
I´ve got a least one set of bad bearings in my 242 (front output). I'm going to pull it and change the bearings (at least the one set for sure), the seals and gaskets. And if needed, order additional bearings (overnight express/hopefully in stock) from a local company (a Crown retailer) (which with the overnight express, is still cheaper than the dealer).
Any tips or pitfalls I should look out for? Any additional pieces I should order, right at the beginning?
Next question: I´ve got a 231, that I´m gonna switchh in, untill I have the 242 finished. I wasn´t even gonna hook up the linkage (or the front driveshaft), but have been thinking the 242 may be lunched. Can I use the origanal 242 linkage with the 231 or am I gonna have to make another trip to the junk yard? I forgot and left the linkage laying at the yard, when I pulled the 231, but I did remember the 231 shifter bezel.