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Nominations of Southern California NAXJA officers

mil thornton (GRNT)

NAXJA Forum User
Orange, Ca
Nominations and Elections for SoCal Chapter officers

Hello Eveyone.
The Election procedure of officers for the Chapter will be;
Volunteers and suggested names for nominees for the postions of PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT AND SECRETARY/TREASUREER will start on Saturday March 15th and end on March 30th. The Nominations/Election Committee (Richard G. Charles S. Donny B. and Mil T.) will interview the list of suggested candidates. Nominees will be choosen by the N&E committee and the candidates will be listed for the actual vote that will take place between March 31st and April 6. The announcement of the succesful candidates will be announced on the forum here on April 7.

I want to encourage anyone that suggests another person for an office should discuss it with that person first and verify that they want to infact run for an officer position.

Once the announcement of officers is complete, they will take office immediatly and will take on the duties of that office per the NAXJA national by-laws and will start the process of officially establishing the Socal Chapter of NAXJA.

You will have the opportunity to respond to a post on this forum starting Saturday to volunteer or give suggested names for nominations.