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NJ newbie


NAXJA Forum User
new jersey
hey guys my name is jack im 18 i was on Jeepforum for a while. till a friend dave . dassc12 told me to look around here. well i have had my jeep xj for a year and almost 2 months . its a 2001 jeep Cherokee sport. np231 4.0 etc the basics. as of now i got factory rear tow hook and c4x4 tow hooks installedive been offraoding in a few places and a few times. i have some 235/75 at's a nice sound system and some fog lights in factory location. i am looking to throw on a FM40 and maybe getting new leafs and springs. within the next yr . im located in monmouth county on the Jersey shore. long branch eatontown area. and i wanna meet some new guys out here with jeep. is anyone in my area. message me let me know. and if anyone has advice . im open to anything
yeah we pulled it to a wawa changed the oil and the plugs and it started right up . and its my cousin with teh H1 so its fun to see what the hummer can do !