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NEW fuel tank


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1998, XJ, 4.0

Hopped into the XJ for an easter morning drive to learn i had zero fuel,

cause someone drill a hole in the tank to get all my fuel.
I have spent the morning searching and it looks like there is no new OEM replacement tanks anymore, did see any on ebay or deadjeeps. My local junkyards all put holes in the tanks.

Does anyone have a solution that isnt the genright tanks.

I really dont think any of the patching products out there offer any realistic long term solution.

thanks in advanced.
It can be plastic welded, that's what I did for my modified stock tank.
Get a bolt that fits the hole, a nut, and two washers. Also get some gasoline resistant gasket materiel and some gasoline resistant silicone gasket maker from the auto parts store.

Make some washers from the gasket materiel, cover everything in silicone, assemble with washers, gasket materiel, and silicone inside and outside, and let it dry.

Add gas.
Wow, that's so lame. Gotta love people....

I recently purchased a ZJ tank from DeadJeep.com. It took them like 2 months to ship it (along with a ZJ tank skid) with zero communication, but I did receive a tank and skid in decent condition.

Check Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist for someone parting out a rig. I just gave away my old tank for free on marketplace.