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Needing some info on compatibility between ZJ years

Da XJ nut

NAXJA Member
I have parts off wrecked 97 ZJ ( all drive train and interior) and about to buy a 93 ZJ and just want to know which trans the 93 has and is it any better than the 42re from the 97 with a 242 behind it. don't yet know which case is behind the 93 but i have good axles too ready to throw under it :scottm:
Both vintage typically has the 42re behind the 4.0, however the 93 COULD have an AW4 if it's an early production. Look for the 1-2 shift position to ID the aw4.
It has the 42re and OD off switch on dash with select- trac 242 t case. It only has 159k on it....I bought it today. 93 ZJ limited but it needs some love. I have built 97 zj axles with 373 gears and lockers with disc brakes. Im audio swapping in all the brake components into the newly acquired 93. The drums suck. Can't wait to build this. Interior only needs headliner. Leather looks good.
I just realized that one of the previous owners had replaced the stock cooling fan and shroud with a larger diameter flex fan.....why would anyone do that? can't even use a shroud because fan is 1/2 above the plane of the radiator height. I've got to source another factory shroud and I already have a clutch fan assembly ready to replace the flex fan. Got it back together and running but someone cut the exhaust pipe right before the cat also and the muffler is blown out the bottom. New exhaust system in the to-do list now.. Any thoughts on what brand cat back system to go with, It's a 4.0 not v8 so not even thinking Flowmaster. Walker or kit from 4WD ? leaning towards the Walker cat back kit