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42RE issues, have 93 with slipping trans

Da XJ nut

NAXJA Member
I have bought a 93 ZJ and found out after I got it running with new water pump and some exist work that the transmission is slipping in all forward gears. I have a 97 42re in storage with the harness on it and I know that the big issues with using the 97 trans is the fact it's OBD2 and the 93 isn't. Can I re wire the trans to work with my 93? Or do I just have to swap out the clutch packs and bands to fix one in it
What transmission is in the 1993? I have heard some of the 1993's had AW4's in them.
The trans is good....sorry about long delay. I just swapped out the axles to ones that were built out of a 97 that i got for free and noticed the front brake hose installed wrong position causing front brake to never fully let off making them drag hard. I fixed that when axle swapped to use the 3.73 geared and locked axles. Almost finished with that side of it then will be deciding what to do to it next...lift vs stock height and making mild overland vehicle
Update on the 93 ZJ, i had a trans shop replace the transducer and solenoids with filter, fluid and harness. trans is nice now and the upgraded axles are great so I'm getting ready to paint the body and get rid of the rusty roof and throw a 4inch lift with 33" tires on 15x8 wheels 4.5" backspacing with minor fender trimming to control the rubbing. Wish me luck