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Need TSM Rotor Donor info ASAP


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I'm heading to Moab in the morning and my buddy who has the TSM rear disc kit on him M20 rear got all the air out of the system, but now the drivers side pads are rubbing. My buddy thinks that the rotor is warped, and we need to know what the donor rotor is from. The TSM website only lists caliper info.

My guess is that when he had a leaky axle seal replaced last week, the shop installed the spacer plate wrong and now the pads rub and the drivers caliper wobbles. I looked at it at 10 pm last night and haven't been able to touch it today. He drove it for a week without this problem and it showed up after the seal replacement............glad all I have to do is pack........and help him get his junk fixed!!

1978-1979 lincoln versailles. and he has to get it redrilled to the Jeep bolt pattern....

good luck
Hello from Moab..........OK, here's what we discovered. The difference in spacing between the drivers and pass. axle shafts was about 1/8", meaning that the new bearing on the drivers axle kicked the shaft out of the housing 1/8" more than the pass. side.

This caused the caliper to be so tight on the rotor that it was difficult to install, and the outboard pad rubs constantly, causing a squeal......something was not right!

We pulled the drivers axle shaft (remember, we were supposed to be leaving for Moab, not wrenching!) and took it to the shop that had supplied and pressed on the bearing to see if maybe it was the wrong bearing or they hadn't got it all the way on. The bearing was on tight, but it was a BCA A-10......same bearing as a D44 rear. But this is an MJ Model 20! The shop said that they assumed the shaft was a GM (didn't listen to the instructions given on the axle type I guess) and just found the bearing that seemed close. Great! With drum brakes, the 1/8" prolly wouldn't be a problem, but with rear discs, it was a huge problem.

After 2 hours of digging through bearing books and making calls, we still couldn't come up with the right bearing for the M20 axle........how frustrating! Randy's Ring and Pinion said the part number was a BCA A-9.....this bearing is not the right size.
So we decided to change our trip plans to a "tourist Moab run" and so my buddy loaded his family into the Avalance and we headed South.

I still need to find the proper wheel (outer axle) bearing for the MJ M20 rear so we can get my buddy's Jeep back on the road when we get back home. Those of you that are M20 guru's, please shed some light on this problem!

Thanks in Advance

XJEEPER (Moab is still cool....even running 2-3 rated trails)
Another option would be to pull the other side and get the bearing number off it!