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NEED referral for a 4x4/alignment shop


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I live in El Cajon and im looking for a good 4x4 shop that does allignment and has knoledge about 4x4's. I took my jeep to some ghetto place before and was telling them about my track bar and how it's to short and the dude was clueless. I need a shop that knows about Jeeps and their "special" ways to align them.
there are no special ways to align a jeep, there is nothing different then anything else. toe in, toe out, measure measure and done.
Congratulations. You have now started a third thread on the same subject.

I'm moving this to SoCal so your LOCAL question can be taken up by people who know your LOCAL area.

Four years ago I bought a life time allignment at the Discount Tire here in Redlands. Always had great results. But that doesn't do you much good. Try looking out for smaller shops that always seem th have lifted vehicles in their lot. The advantage (other than $$$) of the lifetime is that we have had the chance to "fine tune" the settings to find the "ideal".

And most places won't do the track bar adjustment - 'cuase it has little (nothing?) to do with front end alignment of the wheels. toe, camber, castor...

east county alignment shop on magnolia and woodside. they do good work but can be a little pricey if it takes along time. or MIT is on pioneer i think they may do alignments.
there is a good shop in moreno valley not too far if you dont mind the drive the name is marks one stop they have a web page its marcsonestop.com if you want to check it out the owner has a xj he dont show much about 4x4 stuff but he is good