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Need rear axle assembly ASAP ??


New member
Hey guys, my rear axle has got to go. I would like to find a Tera60R or something similar. Any one have any suggestions on where I might get the best pricing, fastest build and ship time, or if there is a similar axle I may want to consider. I would like to have somthing on my doorstep no later than Aug. 11. Don't know if its possible but I'll give it a shot. Thx in advance.
Don't buy stuff from foothill offroad, they are local to me, and I never go there unless I am desperate. They are way over-priced.

Call Drivetrain Direct. But be prepared to spend close to $4,000 for a tera or prorock 60.

What's wrong with my suggestion of an 8.8? Have you checked www.pirate4x4.com classifieds? There are always built d-44's and 8.8's on there.

I doubt you'll have anything in hand by August 11th, unless you buy a used one locally.

Well I called Drivetrain Direct and they no longer build 60's just 44's. As far as the 8.8 goes it may be a possibility but I don't feel I could find one, have all the necessary parts to my door and built in time so I was just trying first to find something bolt in and go. Has anyone heard anything about the Rockcrusher differential? Seems like it might be an option at a lower cost than a Prorock or Terra but I haven't seen or read anything about it yet.
Have you tried Wagoner Machine Service? How about Sunray engineering? Currie?

Have you thought of a high pinion 9"? Currie could get you into one of those for less than a prorock or a tera.

www.wagonermachine.com they are here in Okla. and do some great work. Casey was the one who got me started wheeling with my 2" bb he told me just to start bigger but I said that would be enough (yeah right). That was alot of rambling for a link to their website.
Call Currie on the 9". For up to 35" tires, this is the axle to get - you could have one shipped to your door for $2,800 including discs, Detroit, gears, custom width and pinion rotation. If you have the some bribery money you might be able to get a rush order. I think, however, that you should look at local 4x4 shops. Some of them may build Tera 60's and have the parts on hand. You'll save the shipping time. That is, IMO, the only way you will have something by the 11th, unless you get lucky and somebody has something just sitting on the floor ready to ship because another customer bagged out. Could happen, but you'd better start making some calls :).