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Need opinion on axle width


NAXJA Forum User
B'ham, Al
I have an '89 Cherokee with the factory Dana 35 rear axle. I am going to build a reverse pinion 9", and would like your recommendations on axle width.
Would you stay with the stock width, or go wider?
Please tell me your reasoning for going wider, i.e. tire clearance, or stability.
I will also be building a new front axle after the rear is completed, so both axles will be built using the same width.
Thank you for your time.
reverse pinion? as in high pinion?


i went full width from a 76 f-150 because i liked the look and wanted readly available shafts
Stability was also a factor, but not a huge one...
I do want to keep the narrowness of the Cherokee. I was specifically talking about making it two to four inches wider for larger wheel selection or possible rubbing issues when turning.
I am going to cut or remove the front fenders and do the same to the rear.
If the factory width is fine, I will stay with that
I appreciate the replies.