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need open intake


NAXJA Forum User
I have an 88' 4.0. I need an open air intake. I have had Rusty's in the past, before my snorkle. I also had the Hesco from thinkjeep.com. Anyone know where I can get one? Or what I need to make one? Thanks Juice
I cut the rubber piece off behind the ribbed part, and clamped in some 3" pvc. I needed to use a smaller diameter pipe inside the big one at the filter end because the filter is 3"OD. it's a rice-burner filter from autozone. A HELP PCV elbow was used for the CCV. the heat/mud shield is a piece of unrolled stovepipe. I got everything for ~30 bucks, filter, pipe, elbow, hoseclamps, stovepipe, rivits, and paint.