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Need longer brake hoses: best options?


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I'm think I'm going to lift my front end about 3". I've read that the braided stainless hoses fail and to look for non-ABS Wrangler ones. Well, AutoZone and AdvanceAuto have YJ hoses for about $20 each. They are about half hard line, I was hoping for more soft hose so they wouldn't get damaged when the front axle gets to moving around. Also, they are listed as 14.5" long, when my stock '88 hoses are listed at 16.25". What's up with that? They're supposed to be longer, right?

Should I just relocate the mounting hole and stretch out my stock hoses? Anybody know of a better option?

I'm think I'm going to lift my front end about 3". I've read that the braided stainless hoses fail

Who told you that? How is a Rubber line going to hold up better than a braided line?
YJ lines are purported to be longer. That would be a late 80's early 90's Wrangler.

You can also relocate your hardlines. There is enough folded up on your average XJ to straighten out and remount to the frame to allow full extension with 3" of lift.

x2 I had YJ lines on my 90. They worked perfect for 5.5" with the hardline on the frame straightened out as well. Also, factory lines are braided steel, they just have the rubber outside that over time will crack... Braided on the inside.
you can also use some brake lines from early 80's and 90's chevy trucks. there are a couple of threads on it. i bought a pair from napa, and they are really long.
for the rear i used 96 dodge dakota 4x4 rear brake line.
YJ lines will work, however GMC lines from 1500 2wd trucks are a bit longer and a bit cheaper.
95 GMC c1500 2wd lines - 15$ each
Left - Napa PN #38620
Right - Napa PN #38621

'95 Wrangler *YJ* - 18$ each
Left - Napa PN #38862
Right - Napa PN #38861

taken from this thread...http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f11/longer-front-brake-lines-958424/

Yeah, I posted in that one.

The gmc lines are only 15 bucks each, and they fit with a little grinding on the caliper.
I used stock YJ lines and I didn't have to modify anything. I have 4-5" lift

The "failure" shown on Mad XJ would have happened with any kind of line. A rubber hose will stretch more before breaking but a properly made braided hose will withstand much more abuse before failing. It also will provide much more positive pedal feel than a rubber hose.
i used the carquest part numbers found in another thread and ended up with this. the lines were $16.99 each. I had to relocate the mounting bracket on both lines.