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Need info asap: Change front HP pinion seal without draining fluid?


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Jing Zhou, China
So ya, it looks like the filler (and oil level) is pretty close to the bottom of the pinion housing and I was just wondering if anyone has tried to change the pinion seal without draining the diff. I'm cheap and I just put in $6 worth of fluid and don't want to drain it if I don't have to (or mess with gasket maker and all that too).

Sure you can. Of course, you didn't say what axle you're talking about. I'm assuming it's a HPD30. I changed the yoke on mine numerous times without draining the oil. Worst case is a little oil runs out, but it probably won't.
I've done it on a 8.25 and only lost a few ounces. If it starts to drip just catch it and top it off with fresh fluid when you're done.
You know... I'm an idiot who doesn't proof read, and sometimes I write confusing sentences, sorry. Ya, I put "front hp pinion seal" in the subject. That translates into "dana 30 HP."

Well, I got the nut off and suddenly realized that my bum friend stole my puller the other day, so I'll just wait.

Thanks for the info though guys, I'll definitely try it without draining.