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Need a peer review on AW4 clutches


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I just rebuilt the 32RH in my TJ so now I’m an expert. My XJ buddy just had his torque converter sound the death rattle and ate up the pump seal. Fluid came out really dark. Like so dark we thought it was motor oil initially.

So anyway since I’m now an expert, he’s opted to have me overhaul it. NGL, im pretty excited about the opportunity. Got it all torn down tonight, and it’s actually in fantastic shape, outside of that input seal. My question is about the clutches. I know what used & brand new 32RH clutches look like but I have no idea what AW4 clutches should look like. I also don’t know what used up Dextron III/Mercon looks like, and I definitely don’t know what they should look like when you coat one with the other and add some dirt.

Most people would say just buy new clutches since you’re already this deep in, but in true XJ fashion we’re on a budget. We ain’t spending money where it don’t need to be spent. The clutches look ok? They feel good. None of the packs seem to have any more or less wear than the others, and I *know* the OD is seldom used so I would expect it to show less wear.

Apparently I’m too new to post pics, but the clutches are dark brown..the same color as the fluid. They have tons of grab if I compress the packs by hand. Nothing is flaking off. I’m leaning toward send it. But the TJ clutches have this cross hatch ridge pattern on them. Is the AW4 supposed to have that, only they’re worn down that bad?

Help an expert out. :)
Not sure about the clutches, but this forum operates differently than every other forum I'm part of in that there is some procedure that you have to go through involving an outside hosting service to post pictures. I'm sure someone will chime in with the how too. I've never been able to figure it out.
BTW, the proper way is to measure the assembled clutch pack is with a feeler gauge.
BTW, the proper way is to measure the assembled clutch pack is with a feeler gauge.

Thanks, looks like I’m perfectly within spec. I love that the clutches in the output half of the trans has a little inspection port where you can stick the feeler gauge. Very helpful.